Vornado 573 Small Flat Panel Air Circulator

Vornado 573 Small Flat Panel Air Circulator


The Vornado 573 Small Flat Panel Air Circulator is a powerful and versatile fan that brings comfort to any room. With its three-speed controls and quiet operation, this air circulator can effectively move air up to 60 feet. The sleek and low-profile design of the 573 makes it a perfect fit for any space.

Vortex Action

The Vornado 573 utilizes Vornado’s signature Vortex air circulation technology to efficiently move air throughout the room. This ensures that every corner of the room is reached, providing a comfortable and refreshing airflow.

Simple Controls

With its easy-to-use 3-speed manual control, the Vornado 573 allows you to easily adjust the airflow to your desired comfort level. Whether you prefer a gentle breeze or a powerful gust of air, this air circulator has got you covered.

Multi-Directional Airflow

The Vornado 573 is designed to provide versatile airflow options. It can be positioned horizontally to circulate and mix all of the air in the room, perfect for warm weather. Alternatively, it can be positioned vertically to force warm air off the ceiling and recirculate it into the lower portions of the living space, making it ideal for winter use.

Optimum Performance

Featuring deep-pitched blades, an inlet guide cone enclosed air duct, and a spiral grill, the Vornado 573 is engineered to deliver optimum performance. These features work together to move air up to 60 feet, ensuring that the entire room is evenly cooled or heated.

Superior Support

The Vornado 573 is backed by a 5-year hassle-free promise, guaranteeing its quality and durability. In addition, it is supported by a customer service team based in Andover, KS, ensuring that any concerns or inquiries are promptly addressed.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can the Vornado 573 be used in countries outside of the U.S.?

No, the Vornado 573 is built to meet U.S. voltage requirements and is safety-tested and warrantied for use only in the U.S.

2. Is the Vornado 573 easy to clean and maintain?

Yes, the Vornado 573 is designed to be simple to use and maintain. The grill can be easily removed for cleaning, allowing you to keep the air circulator in top condition.

3. How loud is the Vornado 573?

The Vornado 573 operates quietly, allowing you to enjoy its powerful airflow without any distracting noise.


The Vornado 573 Small Flat Panel Air Circulator is a reliable and efficient fan that brings comfort to any room. With its Vortex Action technology, simple controls, and multi-directional airflow, this air circulator provides optimum performance. Backed by a 5-year satisfaction guarantee and superior customer support, the Vornado 573 is a smart choice for all your air circulation needs.