Smart Lock – Keyless Entry Door Lock

Smart Lock – Keyless Entry Door Lock

Upgrade Your Home Security with Smart Lock

Are you tired of fumbling for your keys every time you come home? Do you worry about the security of your front door? Look no further than our Smart Lock – the ultimate solution for keyless entry and enhanced home security.

Convenience and Peace of Mind

Gone are the days of carrying around a bulky keychain or worrying about lost keys. Our Smart Lock allows you to enter your home with ease using a variety of methods, including fingerprint recognition, keypad entry, and even smartphone integration. Say goodbye to the hassle of traditional locks and embrace the future of home security.

Fingerprint Recognition

With our Smart Lock, you can register multiple fingerprints for easy access. Simply place your finger on the sensor, and the door will unlock in an instant. This advanced biometric technology ensures that only authorized individuals can enter your home.

Keypad Entry

For those who prefer a more traditional approach, our Smart Lock also features a keypad for manual entry. Simply enter your unique code, and the door will unlock. This is especially useful for granting temporary access to guests or service providers.

Smartphone Integration

Take control of your home security from anywhere with our Smart Lock’s smartphone integration. Using a dedicated app, you can lock and unlock your door remotely, receive real-time notifications of any activity, and even grant access to others when you’re not at home. It’s the ultimate convenience at your fingertips.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is the Smart Lock compatible with my existing door?

Yes, our Smart Lock is designed to be compatible with most standard doors. It can be easily installed in place of your existing deadbolt without any additional modifications.

2. How long does the battery last?

The Smart Lock is powered by four AA batteries, which can last up to one year with regular use. You will receive a low battery notification when it’s time to replace them.

3. What happens if I forget my access code or lose my smartphone?

Don’t worry! You can always use the fingerprint recognition feature as a backup. In case of a lost smartphone, you can also disable remote access through our dedicated website or by contacting our customer support.


Upgrade your home security with our Smart Lock – a keyless entry door lock that provides convenience, peace of mind, and advanced features. Say goodbye to traditional locks and embrace the future of home security. With fingerprint recognition, keypad entry, and smartphone integration, our Smart Lock offers the ultimate convenience and protection for your front door.