This recyclable and decomposable 6mm (0.25″) thick mat is perfect for protecting your spine on hard surfaces while you enjoy your Pilates, Yoga or mat work routine. 61cm (24″) wide and 173cm (68″) long, this mat is reversible and also includes a carry strap so it can accompany you wherever you choose to enjoy your workout. This mat is made from TPE (Thermal Plastic Elastomer) foam, helping you do something good for yourself and the environment.

Product Details

  • TPE (Thermal Plastic Elastomer) foam
  • Recyclable and decomposable
  • Free of PVC, latex, and chloride
  • Includes a carry strap
  • Warranty not applicable for this product

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is the mat suitable for all types of exercises?
  2. Yes, the STOTT PILATES Eco Mat is perfect for Pilates, Yoga, and mat work routines.

  3. What are the dimensions of the mat?
  4. The mat is 61cm (24″) wide and 173cm (68″) long.

  5. Is the mat reversible?
  6. Yes, the mat is reversible for added convenience.

  7. Does the mat come with a carry strap?
  8. Yes, the mat includes a carry strap for easy transportation.

  9. Is the mat environmentally friendly?
  10. Yes, the mat is made from recyclable and decomposable TPE foam, making it a sustainable choice.


The STOTT PILATES Eco Mat is a high-quality and eco-friendly option for your Pilates, Yoga, and mat work routines. With its recyclable and decomposable TPE foam construction, it not only protects your spine but also helps you contribute to a healthier environment. The included carry strap makes it easy to take the mat with you wherever you go. Choose the STOTT PILATES Eco Mat and make a positive impact on your health and the planet.