Royal Albert 27400520 Old Country Roses 3-Inch Salt and Pepper Set

Royal Albert 27400520 Old Country Roses 3-Inch Salt and Pepper Set

Product Description

Royal Albert’s Old Country Roses is one of the most popular bone china patterns ever produced. A design classic, with a lavish 22-carat gold border adorned by English roses, Old Country Roses has an enduring appeal for those with a passion for florals and a taste for nostalgia and vintage-chic. Over 150 million pieces of Old Country Roses have been sold worldwide since its introduction in 1962.

Dress up the dinner table at any time of year with this vintage-chic matching salt and pepper shakers. Each shaker is 3-inches tall and rests on a raised base. The shakers are narrow and ringed with 22-karat gold at the top, and broaden at the bottom for increased holding capacity. Made of lustrous Montrose bone china, the shakers are dishwasher safe.

If any items are broken during shipping, Royal Albert will replace them. Additionally, Royal Albert guarantees that the pattern will be available for up to 2 years after purchase.

Key Features:

  • Matching salt and pepper shakers
  • 3-inches tall
  • Made of Montrose bone china and 22-karat gold
  • Gold banded at top and bottom with red and yellow roses painted on the side
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Pattern guaranteed for two years after purchase

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Can these salt and pepper shakers be used for everyday dining?

Yes, these shakers are designed for everyday use. They are made of durable Montrose bone china and are dishwasher safe.

2. Are the shakers refillable?

Yes, the shakers have a removable lid at the bottom for easy refilling.

3. Can I purchase additional pieces in the Old Country Roses pattern?

Yes, Royal Albert offers a wide range of dinnerware and accessories in the Old Country Roses pattern. You can easily expand your collection.

4. Are these shakers suitable as a gift?

Definitely! The Old Country Roses pattern is beloved by many and these salt and pepper shakers make a charming and elegant gift for any occasion.


The Royal Albert 27400520 Old Country Roses 3-Inch Salt and Pepper Set is a timeless and elegant addition to any dining table. With its classic design and high-quality construction, these shakers are not only functional but also a beautiful decorative piece. Whether for everyday use or special occasions, the Old Country Roses pattern brings a touch of vintage-chic and nostalgia to any setting.