QBLDX Programmable Fingerprint Recognition Module

QBLDX Programmable Fingerprint Recognition Module

QBLDX Programmable Fingerprint Recognition Module

“Security is not just a product, but a process.” – Bruce Schneier


Welcome to the world of advanced access control with the QBLDX Programmable Fingerprint Recognition Module. This innovative module is designed to provide a secure and convenient solution for access control in various settings, such as strongboxes, safes, and restricted areas.

Enhanced Security with Fingerprint Recognition

Gone are the days of traditional key-based access control systems. The QBLDX Programmable Fingerprint Recognition Module utilizes state-of-the-art fingerprint recognition technology to ensure only authorized individuals can gain access. With its high-precision circular fingerprint sensor reader, this module offers unparalleled accuracy and reliability.

Convenient Remote Control

Managing access control has never been easier. The QBLDX module comes with a remote control that allows authorized personnel to grant or revoke access with just a click of a button. This eliminates the need for physical keys or complicated access codes, making the process seamless and efficient.

Intuitive Control Panel

For added convenience, the QBLDX module features an intuitive control panel. This panel allows administrators to easily configure and customize access control settings according to their specific requirements. With its user-friendly interface, managing access control has never been more straightforward.

LED Lights for Visual Feedback

The QBLDX module is equipped with LED lights that provide visual feedback during the authentication process. These lights indicate the status of the fingerprint recognition, ensuring users are aware of the outcome of their authentication attempt. This feature adds an extra layer of transparency and enhances the overall user experience.

Benefits of the QBLDX Programmable Fingerprint Recognition Module

  • Enhanced security with advanced fingerprint recognition technology
  • Convenient remote control for easy access management
  • Intuitive control panel for effortless configuration
  • LED lights for visual feedback and user-friendly experience

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can the QBLDX module store multiple fingerprints?

Yes, the QBLDX module has a large storage capacity and can store multiple fingerprints. This allows for flexible access control and the ability to grant access to multiple authorized individuals.

2. Is the QBLDX module compatible with existing access control systems?

Yes, the QBLDX module is designed to be compatible with most access control systems. It can be easily integrated into your existing infrastructure, making it a seamless upgrade to enhance security.

3. How long does it take to authenticate a fingerprint?

The QBLDX module utilizes advanced algorithms to ensure fast and accurate fingerprint authentication. On average, the authentication process takes less than a second, providing a quick and efficient access control solution.


Upgrade your access control system with the QBLDX Programmable Fingerprint Recognition Module and experience the benefits of advanced security and convenience. With its LED lights, circular fingerprint sensor reader, remote control, and control panel, this module offers a cutting-edge solution for access control in strongboxes and other restricted areas. Order now and take the first step towards a more secure future.