Good Nite Double Sprung Mattress – Product Description

Good Nite Double Sprung Mattress – Product Description

Good Nite Double Sprung Mattress

Discover the perfect mattress for a good night’s sleep – the Good Nite Double Sprung Mattress. With its exceptional features and high-quality materials, this mattress offers the ultimate comfort and support you need.

High-quality Fabric

The Good Nite mattress is made of breathable fabric that promotes air circulation, keeping you cool and comfortable throughout the night. The fabric is also fire-resistant, ensuring your safety while you sleep. It is skin-friendly and durable, providing a soft and cozy sleeping surface.

Spring + Memory Foam

Scientifically proven to alleviate back pain, the Good Nite mattress combines the benefits of a spring mattress and memory foam. The spring layer provides targeted support for your spine, while the memory foam layer contours to your body, relieving pressure points and improving blood circulation. This unique combination ensures a restful and rejuvenating sleep experience.

Shock Absorption

The Good Nite mattress excels in shock absorption and resilience. It effectively absorbs noise and vibrations caused by movement, allowing you to sleep peacefully without disturbing your partner. Say goodbye to restless nights and enjoy uninterrupted sleep.

Boxed Mattress

Convenience meets comfort with the Good Nite boxed mattress. It is vacuum-sealed and neatly packed in a compact box, making it easy to transport to any room. Once opened, the mattress quickly regains its original shape within 2 minutes. For optimal performance, allow the mattress to fully unfold for 72 hours.

Quality Assurance

Rest assured that the Good Nite mattress complies with British and European Union regulations. It meets all relevant British fire safety regulations (BS7177:2008), ensuring your safety and peace of mind. Our commitment to quality control and advanced technology guarantees a product that is worth every penny.

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Experience the ultimate comfort and support with the Good Nite Double Sprung Mattress. Made with high-quality fabric, spring, and memory foam, this mattress offers a luxurious sleeping experience. Its fire-resistant properties and compliance with safety regulations ensure your well-being. Invest in a Good Nite mattress and enjoy a good night’s sleep like never before.