Beloader PS5 Adapter Keyboard Mouse Converter Guide

Beloader PS5 Adapter Keyboard Mouse Converter Guide

Beloader PS5 Adapter Keyboard Mouse Converter Guide

Beloader Control: Sim Apex Beloader Playstation 5 Compatibility, Beloader P5 for XIM APEX & Cronus Zen.

Enhanced Gaming Experience

The Beloader PS5 Adapter is currently the only bootloader for PlayStation 5 exclusive keyboard and mouse converter developed for gamers. It supports popular games like Call of Duty, Apex Legends, Battlefield 2042, Titanfall, Destiny 2, Fortnite, and more. With the Beloader PS5 Adapter, you can have a more precise control experience.

Wide Compatibility

The Beloader adapter is compatible with various USB peripherals on the market, such as XIM APEX, ReaSnow SI, Cronus Zen, Titan Two, Cronus Max, and various official gamepads. You can connect a PlayStation 4 full set of keyboard and mouse + XIM APEX, etc. + Beloader to your PlayStation 5 host and enjoy playing various games. This adapter provides an immersive experience in FPS shooters.

Easy to Use

Setting up the Beloader configuration requires a Windows PC or laptop system (Beloader Manager works well on Windows 7 and 10) and some gaming configuration experience. The configuration process is expected to take over 30 minutes. For detailed precautions and operation steps, please visit the official website and follow the video steps or help instructions. Once the setup is complete, it’s plug and play.


The Beloader adapters have been redesigned from the inside out for optimal performance, speed, and reliability. The firmware has been completely overhauled to run efficiently and reduce power consumption, ensuring hours of lag-free operation.

Excellent Customer Service

The Beloader adapters come with a one-year product warranty. If you have any questions about the product, please feel free to contact Beloader after-sales through desertcart mail. The Beloader team will provide the most professional technical guidance and quality service. All products have undergone strict quality inspection before leaving the factory, so you can rest assured to buy and use. Beloader welcomes customers to provide valuable opinions on their products.